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The video collaboration market and technology is continuously evolving. Video communications has been around for years, but now, it’s at the top of every company’s agenda; it’s here to stay. To ensure communications objectives are met, companies need to partner with a trusted advisor. Because today, visual communications is a requirement to help companies succeed

That’s where Pinnaca comes in… Since the earliest days of video conferencing, we have focused on the needs of our customers, delivering best-in-class video collaboration solutions. Utilizing an infrastructure that interconnects companies across the globe. And, When we say “customer experience,” we mean it.

Our unmatched, experienced global team and world-class customer support centers will be with you on every step of your visual communications journey and will keep you at the forefront as technology advances.

Pinnaca has a consistent record of moving customers from a 25% adoption rate to over the 75% mark by continuously integrating video as a mission-critical business application. We have the expertise to make your strategic business initiatives a success!


Introducing Pinnaca

Our new name synchronizes our current brands in the U.S. and international markets, and repositions our products and services. We would have liked to launch a new single brand earlier but we first had to combine the organizations and set a new foundation. We have now reorganized the company and its operating practices – quite flawlessly, I might add — and it is now time to launch our new brand.

How our brand benefits Customers and Partners

The most important benefit is that the Pinnaca brand unites and solidifies all of our sales and marketing initiatives as well as our product offerings. Pinnaca provides clarity and simplification of our cloud and managed services and multiple market solutions, which will be streamlined and easy to understand among our current and potential customers.  No more confusion.


We have been directly a part of the evolution of the video communications industry. As we’ve played a hand in its growth, we have accrued deep experience and knowledge that we, uniquely, can offer our customers. Also, since the first days of video conferencing, we have believed that by being an independent company, we can provide state-of-the-art products from the world’s top manufacturers. This position allows Pinnaca to provide optimal, customized solutions for our customers, including a host of cloud and managed services. And, we are a certified partner of Acano, Cisco, Polycom and other major players, and maintain strategic alliances with key vendors, which allow us to augment our visual communications offerings to create a more collaborative workplace over virtually any type of device. It has been so exciting to be a part of this industry’s phenomenal growth, playing a significant role in how people communicate today. What’s more exciting is what the future will bring. And we, as Pinnaca, are “all systems go!”

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