Choosing your next UC&C platform can be
overwhelming! Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft,
Polycom, etc.? We measure your requirements
against each platform’s capabilities, creating a
score card and systematic recommendation.

Is your network infested? We access
networks to consume the requisite bandwidth,
eliminating traffic and errors that guzzle
resources, jeopardize security, and erode
your corporate profits. Further, we assist in
identifying proper admission control and
end-to-end QoS targets making it easier for
administrators to maintain control.

What're the chances your organization will be
hacked? Have you planned for the worst
and prepared reasonable countermeasures?
With 15 billion devices connected to the IoT and
growing, security has never been more critical.
Let our security professionals help you meet your
compliance regulations.

Do you already have a Video platform deployed
within your organization but usage and adoption
of the technology is low? We define use cases
and map expectations against the customer’s
current technology providing industry best
practice recommendations and appropriate
recommended change to deliver a successful
video collaboration program.

Which of the above do you need to complete your solution?

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