Solutions – Professional Services – A/V Integration

AV Integration service includes the necessary steps essential in creating a tailored visual communication solution for our customers, clients, and partner organizations with an emphasis on proven, reliable technology.  Starting with proven video and audio technology, we leverage simple, intuitive controls providing our customers with functional and productive visual communications environments

We understand  the quality of your video collaboration experience matters. Our program adheres to the following design philosophy:

Design easy to use solutions

  • Specify reliable, proven technology
  • Provide the technology platform that will enable a high quality user experience
  • Ensure all users the ability to clearly see content and to communicate clearly



  • Certified technicians, engineers and project managers

  • Knowledge of signal transmission, image sizing, room lighting, acoustics and automation technology

  • Technology manufacturer & vendor relationships

  • Presentation application lifespan 3-5 years with proper install


  • Proper functionality from day one

  • User adoption and training to ensure immediate understanding and usage

  • Trained help desk support and on-site support when required

  • Easy, quick resolution of issues


  • Greater availability of resources

  • Quick response, regardless of the organization or business

  • Efficient collaborative space for internal use, partners, vendors and clients

  • Global cloud capability enables meeting to take place anywhere, without constraints to device or time


Pre-Sale Design

Work with our team of Audio / Visual engineers to design & develop a customized collaborative solution for your needs, including:

  • Presentation
  • Control
  • Lighting
  • Structural objectives
  • Visual objectives
Project Management

A hand-over meeting gets you introduced to the entire team to discuss:

  • Timeline
  • Scope
  • Continued management

Project Managers work closely with you, contractors and Audio / Visual engineers to ensure every detail of installation and implementation is covered.

Installation, Programming & Testing

Engineers and technicians create a control system for your end-users to easily understand and operate. Control systems operate visual equipment, lighting, room logistics and sound.

After implementation, Pinnaca’s team tests all A/V components and control systems to ensure functionality and customer expectations.

Preventative Maintenance, Warranties & Support

Support programs for your environment includes:

  • Web-based customer ticketing system to record problem/resolution
  • System reporting
  • SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Manufacturer warranty, escalation and management
  • Replacement products to keep you up and running
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Assistance with moves/adds/changes
Pinnaca Help Desk

Certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a resources to support your collaborative environment and needs.


Collaborative technology implementation is only successful when all users are on board. Pinnaca provides standard and customized training sessions based on your needs, including refresher courses to maintain your investment.



  • Maintain and ensure all existing A/V infrastructure and components are functioning at product standards. Also, non-functional A/V components will be replaced if necessary.
  • Provide a daily, round-the-clock Helpdesk staffed with experienced videoconferencing technicians to provide technical support to help clients understand, utilize and troubleshoot their A/V communications systems.
  • Provide continuous review of your organization’s A/V environment and current functionally, and recommend new features, best practices and additional training programs


  • Web-based customer ticketing system and detailed service reporting
  • SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Replacement or repair of non-functioning A/V equipment
  • Manufacturer escalation and management
  • Expedite delivery of replacement products to get you up & running
  • Security best practices recommendations to ensure lock-down access of your video systems


  • Touch panel optimization with button relabeling & location changes; button additions without requiring physical install; hardware or licensing; color and source priority changes; updated training materials; additional training sessions for end users
  • Annual A/V Tune-up / Assessment featuring physical inspection; testing and cleaning all system components; update system documentation; equipment replacement; review past year service tickets; refresher training on controllers and keypads, best practices
  • Field repair providing on-site support for two site visits and unlimited remote service/year/location; labor and trip charges apply thereafter
  • Assistance with move/adds/changes; continuous training