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As an independent service provider, Pinnaca partners with the world’s leading video conferencing manufacturers to create customized education solutions. We deliver the highest quality educational experience while improving operational efficiencies, generating revenue to accommodate budget shortfalls and to streamline communication.

Pinnaca provides visual communications tools to connect administrators, faculty, students and content for a more interactive, immersive and life-like educational experience regardless of location and time.

Pinnaca’s distance learning services unite previously incompatible audio, video and web technologies in virtual meeting rooms, only radically better. Students, teachers and administrators learn wherever their ideas and creativity thrive.


What can a distance learning do?

  • Make calls with one or multiple participants

  • View and access calls in process, upcoming calls and recent conversations

  • Create and manage your directory

  • Create, access and edit your Spaces

  • IM, presence and persistent chat for Spaces

  • Email & WebRTC invitations

  • Share desktops, content and data


Whether you are on a smart-phone, tablet or PC, you can place phone calls, video calls and share content in the same way. Get the best experience no matter the device.

Use any number of devices you like. Move seamlessly between devices. You can also use multiple devices at the same time. Use your phone for voice privacy and your iPad for video. Or use your video endpoint to see people and your iPad to see a presentation.

Pinnaca’s platform uses “clean slate” technology and a secure development lifecycle. LearningSpace supports all major video standards. Seamless and automatic mixing of transcoding and switched/layered video provide an optimal experience for each user.


Windows, iPad and iPhone and MAC (coming in 2013); for WebRTC clients – Chrome, Firefox (coming in 2013) and Android devices (2014); and for Flash clients Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Today’s educational organizations face many challenges. Administrators must find ways to meet budget shortfalls while overhauling the educational experience to prepare students for a global economy. Administrators can manage faculty shortages, serve populated and rural areas, and cut costs by:

  • Utilizing remote experts and content from anywhere in the world
  • Enabling interactive distance learning
  • Extending the reach of existing facility and office hours
  • Utilizing lecture capture for synchronous, asynchronous and blended courses
  • Improving professional development and teacher training
  • Collaborating on research projects with video



  • Distance Learning in Higher Education
  • Distance Learning in K-12
  • Online Courses/Certification Programs
  • Next Generation Classrooms
  • On-Demand Remote Experts


  • Enables interactive learning
  • Improves professional development & teacher training
  • Enables utilization of remote experts
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom


  • Educators
  • Students
  • Guest Lecturers (Specialists)
  • Administrators


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